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This  80-inch  diameter, 12-inches  thick  butternut  plaque, was commissioned by  the American  Farm  Bureau  Federation  (AFBF)  for  their  newly   renovated  office  in  Washington,  D.C.   It   was  installed  on  September 26, 2003,  and  dedicated  on  September 30, 2003.  This  400-pound   plaque  symbolizes  a  husband  and  wife  as  farming  partners,  supported  by  the  AFBF,  in  awe  at  the  growth of  a  plant. They  are standing  in their vast field faced with the task of supplying  food,  fiber  and  fuel  to  the  world.  The  roundness  of   the  plaque symbolizes the world.

This  plaque  required  over  600  board-feet  of  butternut, 1-1/2 gallons of  glue, and several months to complete.

Joe  Dillett  thanks  the AFBF  for giving  him  the honor of doing this important work.


The Carving Shop features the work of Joe  Dillett,  Master  Craftsman,  and specializes  in custom  hand carved  heirlooms   for the family, church and architectural  carvings. We work  from  your  designs, or  ours,   to create an awesome look that only hand carving can achieve.

All wood  is  seasoned. All work is protected with a finish that will last many years.

All work is guaranteed.

Free estimates provided upon request. The listed cost reflects retail prices. If you can come to The Carving Shop for pick up, you will save the S & H charges, and get wholesale prices for considerable savings. Call (815)498-9290 during business hours for more information.


News Release on August 30, 2010

Benefit for the Sandwich Opera House

The Sandwich Opera House is in need of money. With ticket sales down and individual donations down, the Sandwich Opera House needs money to get them through this difficult economic time. They provide a service that is important to our community. Because their community service is important, I must give them my support. I hope you will too. To do this we can all have some fun.

Here is what’s happening. Beginning at the 2010 Sandwich Fair (Sept. 8-12), I will be carving a fireplace mantel featuring a picture of the Sandwich Opera House, along with many of the other historic buildings in Sandwich Illinois. This mantel will be raffled off, ending with the drawing at the Opera House January 2011.  Realizing not everyone has a place to put a mantel, I will be offering the winner a choice of the mantel (retail value $2,250) or $1,500 cash. Other prizes will also be included in the raffle for second and third place (donated by other supporters). Ticket donations are $5 each or 3 tickets for $10. Tickets will be on sale at the Sandwich Fair in my booth all during the fair, located in the Arts and Crafts Demonstration building, near the grandstand by the John Deere tractors. Come and see the mantel being carved during the fair.

Also, you have the opportunity to purchase a piece of Sandwich history. I have done 5 drawings of famous historic Sandwich buildings. These are available during the fair to benefit the Sandwich Opera House. A packet of all 5 postcards is a $3 donation, a packet of all 5 note cards, including envelops, is a $4 donation, and 8 X 10 prints, you can frame, for a $4 donation or all 5 for a $15 donation.

The Sandwich Opera House has brought much joy to our community over the years, especially to our children. I am honored to be given this opportunity to help them out.

The Sandwich Opera House is on Facebook at: .

Thank you,

Joe Dillett

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American Farm Bureau Project, Washington, D.C.
September, 2003
Joe Dillett's Mantel Carving Featured on WGN-TV,
Channel 9, Chicago on 10/18/03
Info on CARVING Magazine, Premiered Jan. 2003
The Chicago Tribune, Tribwest, November 20, 2002 Article
"Event Showcases a Master In His Element: Wood"
The Wall Street Journal, Startup Journal, November 20, 2002 Article
"'Tis the Season to Profit From Homemade Crafts"
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Clay Pottery

My Favorite Pottery

Joe Dillett is now working with clay pottery and calls his finished products, "My Favorite Pottery". 

Below are links to three instructional videos by Joe.

Spray Gun "Joe's Easy Spray System".   File size is 142,350 kb.

Small Bat "Joe's Compact Bat System".   File size is 62,882 kb.

Joe's Drying System.  File size is 58.6 MB.

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