Religious Carvings

Religious carving is one of our favorite themes. Art and religion combine to make a powerful statement. Altars and statues, along with plaques, give us an opportunity to create for the Creator.

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This Nativity scene that stands 24-inches high, carved in basswood, was commissioned by Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church in Somonauk, Illinois. Instead of having the baby Jesus lying in the manger, I choose to have Mary presenting the baby Jesus to us. That way, it may be easier for us to take him into our hearts. Saint Joseph knows He is the Savior and understands the way we get to the Father is through His Son, so he is inviting us to come to Him.

Life size Saint Benedict carved from cypress wood. Cypress wood can withstand the weather in almost any climate.

This black walnut Blessed Mother is mine and you can't have it.

This large plaque was carved to honor the first visit to the U.S.A. by any Pope.

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