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The camera caught Joe carving another masterpiece.

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Joe carving

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This carving was created for the DeKalb County Farm Bureau and depicts the three seasons of farming. The Farm Bureau theme of 'Serving farm, family and community' is featured across the carving.

This carving measures 32 feet long and 6'10" high. The trees hide most of the expansion joints.

Lead time, from proposal to installation, was 9 months.

The Hardwood Connection (815) 895-8733, supplied the butternut wood, laminated and installed this work of art.

Joe Dillett designed and carved it in 1300 hours.

Do you need something carved for your project? If so, please call The Carving Shop during working hours at (815)498-9290. Thank you.

This solid white oak door is 6 inches thick and swings on ball bearing hinges. The carving depth is about 4 inches.

We can develop any theme for your front door.

Yes, these people taught riding, and no, Joe didn't take any lessons.

This tree of life is almost full and needs to be expanded.

Do you need one?

This elegant door was constructed using a good quality commercial door and fastening the carved panels to the door after it was installed.

Let us create a unique design for you.

A large acorn corbel might be just what you need to cap off the bottom of those ceiling beams in the great room. If not acorns, maybe you could use something else.

Let your imagination run wild and give us a call.

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