These mantels are solid wood and designed to last hundreds of years. Every piece is uniquely hand carved and signed by Joe Dillett (NO PATTERNS). It takes many hours to create each design using the old world carving techniques.

Some are made from one piece, and some are glued from several pieces to make it solid.

All wood is seasoned to insure against cracking and warpage. Every piece is unique in structure and growth, and made from the highest quality material available. Slight checks and knots, if any, are orientated to show the best qualities of the wood.

The mantels on this page are no longer available, but Joe would like to design a unique and original one for you.

Please call (815)498-9290 during business hours if you have any questions.

#500 - This solid ash mantel has a provincial stain and a rose pattern carved to a depth of .37 inch. The rich look is enhanced by a highly textured background. Weight approx. 40 lbs., length 76.8" X 3.37" thick X 6.5"deep shelf.

Cost $1,240 + S & H

#502 - This pine mantel is made from a 'D' log, used in building the walls of a log cabin. It's a full 6 foot long with no knots on the face, and a western scene carved to a depth of over 2.5 inches. Weight approx 50 lbs., length 6' X 7.25 inches thick X 5.5 inch deep shelf.

Cost $1,500 + S & H

#503 - This solid oak basket weave mantel is laminated from three pieces, resulting in a very stable substrate with no flaws. The basket weave design has oak leaves carved in the center. The elegant light oak mantel will look at home in a formal setting. This is an heirloom that will be in your family for many years. Weight approx. 40 lbs., Length 59" X 3.1"thick X 7.5" deep shelf.

Cost $1,240 + S & H

#504 - This solid black walnut mantel has a look of freedom. There's a log cabin setting on the left side and cowboys at the right, carved to a depth of over .75 inches. This heirloom will look great in any family room setting or western decor. Weight approx 75 lbs., Length 6' X 4.5" thick X 7"deep shelf.

Cost $1,650 + S & H

#505 - This black walnut mantel has three groupings of flowers carved over a basket weave. "Royalty" is the one word that describes this one. Formal or informal settings, this mantel will look at home in your home. Weight approx 70 lbs., Length 6' X 3.18" thick X 9.75" deep shelf.

Cost $1,240 + S & H

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#506 - A rare contemporary design from Joe Dillett. This light colored solid ash mantel says simple is best, with a very light textured face and ends. Formal or informal, this mantel will find a place in your heart and home. Weight approx 75 lbs., Length 7' X 3.1" thick X 7.25 deep shelf.

Cost $1,200 + S & H

#507 - If your room is BIG, this mantel is the one for you. In any setting, formal, informal, western, contemporary, this mantel will enhance your environment. The solid ash with a clear finish is the color of natural oak, allowing for a wide variety of uses in large rooms. Three groupings of flowers are carved over a basket weave design making an heirloom to be treasured. Weight approx 85 lbs., Length 78" X 3.75" thick X 9.5" wide shelf.

Cost $1,520 + S & H

#508 - Leave them breathless with this solid black walnut mantel hand carved to a depth of over .5 inches. Oak leaves and acorns create a design that fits in elegant as well as informal surroundings. The natural coloring is unique, the two tone effect of sapwood in contrast to the dark heartwood. Weight approx 85 lbs., Length 7' X 4" thick X 6.75" wide shelf.

Cost $1,520 + S & H

#513 - This solid black walnut mantel, carved to a depth of over 1.25 inches, has an old farm on the left, a stream and mill in the center, and an old town on the right. The time is the start of the industrial revolution, and you can almost sit and fish off the bridge while watching the old mill turn under the power of water. Weight approx. 80 lbs., Length 7' X 4.125" thick X 9.5" deep shelf.

Cost $1,750 + S & H

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